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J. Stephen Duerr, Ph.D., P.E., CPC  -  Consulting Metallurgist/Chemist

Consulting Scope

CONSULTING METALLURGIST/CHEMIST: Specializing in forensic analyses; qualitative and quantitative characterization of unknowns; metallurgy and materials failure analysis; USP, NF, CTFA, AOAC, EP, JP, and ASTM chemistry, microbiology, and materials science analyses in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, packaging, coatings, and specialty products.

SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES: Identification of organic/inorganic compounds and formulations; analysis of contamination, corrosion deposits, and arson residues;  quality control analyses of raw materials and manufactured products; materials failure and suitability analysis; development of specialized analysis procedures; problem solving; expert consultation; expert witness.

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J. Stephen Duerr, Ph.D., P.E., CPC
chemlabconsulting, LLC
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